This Hutch is For You

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Odd title I know. There is a story behind it. This hutch was originally purchased as a keeper for me and storage in my sewing room. In its original state my mother insisted it was an exact match for my Nana’s china cabinet. For some reason I cannot find the before pics I took. You know the cabinet though. Federal style mahogany, fretwork and glass on top. Any how….. my mother  wanted this cabinet to flank my grandmothers buffet with 2 china cabinets. SO I unloaded all of my fabric and set this cabinet in the guest room until Momma or I could haul it to her house in Charleston. After about a year of holding on to this cabinet my mother texts me to tell me she needs more storage than this provides, she bought shelves and I can redo this and sell it. Gee thanks! After a fair amount of swearing and pondering I decided to totally transform this girl from the “everyone has one” china cabinet to something unique and different.

In my pondering I decided to replace that fretwork and glass that was gonna be a pain to paint anyway and replace it. I thought about chicken wire but she didn’t seem like a chicken wire kinda girl. This girl seemed like she could pull off a casual but not a country look. I went online to Amazon, my fav, and cane up with punched tin, like you see used in radiator covers. I went with the clover design.

Like I said she was mahogany and this is notorious for red bleed through so I didn’t even bother trying my luck and I went ahead and primed her with clear shellac to seal it. IMG_0597 IMG_0595

I mixed up some Miss Mustard Seed Grain Sack milk paint and put down a base coat on the case of this cabinet and then followed with a coat of Miss Mustard Seed Linen. The drawer and cabinet doors were painted with Miss Mustard Seed Luckett’s Green. Yes, I paint in my family room and sand on the patio. Doesn’t everyone? I didn’t use any bonding agent in the paint but it adhered pretty well. I got a little chippiness and helped it along with my putty knife and a sanding block. I sealed the chippiness with Miss Mustard Seed wax and highlighted with a bit of antiquing wax.

I added new updated hardware and here she is, ready for a new life in her comfy new makeover.

IMG_0593 IMG_0612 IMG_0611 IMG_0610 IMG_0609 IMG_0608 IMG_0606 IMG_0605 IMG_0609


Well I think the finished product was a total transformation into something beautifully useful. She could be used for storage in any room in the house. So Momma if you are reading, this makeover is for you.

Until next time……

  2 comments for “This Hutch is For You

  1. October 13, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    It turned out great.

  2. December 31, 2014 at 2:27 am

    I Love It!

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