It’s Been a Long Time, It’s Been a Long Long Time

Wow it’s been like 3 weeks. So I haven’t just been lazy. I had to go in the shop for repair, hip surgery. I am on the mend again and of course I cant sit still and do nothing so I have been working on my sewing stash.

A couple years ago I got the idea late in the Christmas season to make Carolina/Clemson Christmas stockings and sell them on my  Etsy store Corinne’s Creative Closet and they did really well. So I figured while I was down and couldn’t haul furniture I would start early and expand on my idea and make some really cool stockings.

.DSC01936 DSC01934 DSC01930 DSC01925 DSC01923 DSC01902 DSC01907 DSC01912 DSC01915

These are just a start. There will be more designs coming.

On a side note I also posted some 31 Purse Skirt Covers that fit the old style 31 Skirt Purse that I still had. Some are holiday, some not.

Until next time…..

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