Over and Over



Ever have one of those pieces that you have a fabulous vision for and it flops? I got this great piece for a great price in an online auction. It looked horrible but I had a vision and it was sturdy, well made old piece.


Do you see what I do? No, not the dirt and grime. The original knobs, the basket weave pattern on the bottom, the great molding and carving. I decided a custom milk paint in a greyish color. I washed it down several time to get the grime off, scraped off all the loose paint and proceeded to paint this old girl with milk paint.



I ended up with this:


I just could not get with this. Not AT ALL what I had in mind. I’m not at all sure what I was expecting. SO I tried to like it and when a customer came over to purchase another piece and asked if that was my next project I knew this was not what I wanted. I was gonna strip this girl down and give myself a smooth finish to start with and go from there.

If you don’t know now I’m gonna warn you MILK PAINT DOES NOT GIVE UP EASY!!!! after a search on the internet I kept coming up with Behlen’s P.D.E. Milk Paint Remover. No one in stores around here even have heard of the stuff. I had to order online at Old Fashioned Milk Paint and WAIT. This is not my strong point. when I wanna do something I wanna do it NOW.  This is not a paid endorsement nor do they even know who I am. This stuff WORKS!

I don’t have after pics of the 2nd stripping. It was nasty. I decided to use a new product to repaint her. I had my first try at using Fusion Mineral Paint. Its made by Homestead House Paint Company, the same company that brings us Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and Milk Paint. (Again not a paid endorsement and these people have no idea who I am.) I love the milk paint and the ladies at Painted Poppies raved about how wonderful it was and these ladies know paint. Plus there is no waxing involved. You can use the Antiquing Tough Coat Sealer and I did. I am so in love with this paint I took the samples back to get full sized bottles. No sense in wasting money on samples when I know I’m gonna use it again so expect to see it again. I also lined the drawers with a  grass cloth textured wallpaper and painted the inside of the drawers in Sherwin Williams Begonia. I love how she turned out. If you are local she can be purchased at Consignment Showcase in Fountain Inn, SC.

UPDATE- This piece has sold to a wonderful lady that loves her as much as I do.



  4 comments for “Over and Over

  1. December 31, 2014 at 2:25 am

    “She” is a Beauty .. Just One Correction .. “She” has now been Purchased
    AND .. “She” resides in a Wonderful Home where “She” is Loved!

    • ekknox
      December 31, 2014 at 4:50 am

      I just LOVE when my pieces find a good loving home.

  2. January 9, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    Love it. Thought you might like to know, there is an almost identical one (but in a green color) for sale at our local TJ Maxx, with a price tag of about $1200. I think it just went on sale for $9something. I’m guessing you came in under that. 🙂 Always excites me to make those comparisons!

    • ekknox
      January 9, 2015 at 10:03 pm

      Wow-o-we-wa! That’s expensive! Yeah even my highest priced stuff comes in under $900. This is part of the reason I started redoing furniture and I just loved making something beautiful out of something no one wanted. Thank you for your kind words and come back soon for more redos!

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