Monthly Archives: January 2015

Grain Sack Makeover

  I couldn’t think of anything kitschy and clever for this post but I think this guy stands on his own. Yes its a he, nice masculine lines with¬†a little curve. This was another find in the aforementioned ¬†auction I went to with my hairdresser. Again no one saw potential in this- Yes plain ole plain. Yes I love him… Read more →

It’s All Greek To Me

This guy has gone through a HUGE transformation. While getting my hair did I ran across this estate sale that looked like a pickers paradise. It was on a Monday and my hairdresser has Mondays off . I know this because I always see him in the thrift stores on Mondays. So we decided to hit this up. When we… Read more →

I Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Oh yeah its a nasty day here. Cloudy and rainy yuck. This sweet desk is a nice buttery yellow painted with my new fav paint Fusion Mineral Based paint in Prairie Sunset and Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Old White and sealed with clear Tough Coat. I got this at an estate sale with some of my favorite people at… Read more →

Small Space Dining

  This is ohhhh so perfect for a small eating space. Of course she didn’t look exactly like this when I got her at the estate sale. I was looking in the garage that was under the house and I spotted casters and beautiful legs and I pulled all the junk off of the top to find this: Ok she… Read more →

I Got the Blues

So I was hanging out at the thrift store and saw the great potential in this chair that apparently no one else saw. I have never done upholstery in stripes because it leaves very little room for error. For a first try I didn’t do too bad. I bought a used upholstery machine that is still at my girlfriends house.… Read more →

Here We Sew Again

Another sewing machine desk I could not resist repurposing. These desks have such good bones and are made of wood and beautiful. I hate to see them go to a dump. Seeing an orphaned sewing desk just gets my creative juices flowing. You may get sick of seeing them but I promise I do other furniture also. This piece was… Read more →

Sew What?

I just love rehabbing old sewing machine desks. I have done several since I gave this lovely lady a new life. She has since been sold and is in a new home where she is loved.   She was not nearly this cute when I got her. Soooo I am at an estate sale and I spot this:   Yeah… Read more →