Sew What?

I just love rehabbing old sewing machine desks. I have done several since I gave this lovely lady a new life. She has since been sold and is in a new home where she is loved.

IMG_0432 IMG_0430 IMG_0429


She was not nearly this cute when I got her.


Soooo I am at an estate sale and I spot this:



Yeah I know you probably don’t see the beauty I see. She had me with the original hardware. Ohhhhh I could make her so beautiful. Yes it is my personal quest to save sewing machine desks from the dump. The guy running the sale asked me if I wanted the machine or just the desk. Just the desk of course. Yes he knows me too. My friends are at estate sales, thrift stores and paint stores, don’t judge. So we make a deal to split the table.

I came back and picked her up when the estate sale was over. YUCK! She was filthy, lets just say the ride home in the back of the pickup truck did her a world of good. Knocked off some spider webs and nests and general dirt. Again TSP is my friend. I had to study on her for a bit before I decided exactly what to do. Yep I see a vision. A media table…. you know like a mini sized entertainment center.

I added a reclaimed wood top and some shelves for electronics, games, whatever u wanna put there. I sanded off all the orangy finish on the wood and refinished it with beautiful Antique Walnut General Finishes Gel Stain. The base I painted with Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint in Renfrew Blue. I finished the base off with Antiquing Tough Coat and OH MY GOODNESS, I am soooo in love with that color. Add a bit of gold to touch up her jewelry and legs.  WOW-WA-WE-WA what a difference!! Sorry for the really bad quality after photos. Long story involving a phone upgrade and the I cloud. ARGH! believe me these pics do not do it justice. She is a beauty!!

10846667_10200149117686357_1727769572_n[1] 10863722_10200149117766359_435380440_n[1] 10866814_10200149117926363_1995499684_n[1]

If you are crushing on her as hard as I am and you are local you can purchase her at Consignment Showcase in Fountain Inn.




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