Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Empire Strikes Back

Ok yeah that was dorky but I couldn’t resist but there is nothing dorky about this beautiful Empire dresser turned kitchen island. Believe if our home did not have a built in kitchen island…well its more like a continent…I would be keeping this beauty. She turned out so much better than I even imagined. I got her in an online… Read more →

Suitcase Side Tables

I keep buying thingsĀ IĀ love not knowing what I am gonna do with them but knowing something will come to my creative mind. As has happened with these vintage suitcases and suitcase valets I keep picking up. I don’t have much of a before picture but the after is fabulous.   This is the best before I have, in the “planning”… Read more →

Frumpy to Fabulous Frenchy

Not much to look at huh? She looked and smelled even worse than this picture shows. Probably not something I should say when trying to sell a piece. I found her at an estate sale in a dank garage under a bunch of junk. I always go for the pieces that no one wants and probably should be at the… Read more →