Frumpy to Fabulous Frenchy


Not much to look at huh? She looked and smelled even worse than this picture shows. Probably not something I should say when trying to sell a piece. I found her at an estate sale in a dank garage under a bunch of junk. I always go for the pieces that no one wants and probably should be at the dump. Well this girl went through a spa makeover. I stripped her down to the bare bones, scrubbed her down with 2 washes of TSP and gave her several coats of Annie Sloan Graphite. I discovered Maison Blanche Black Chalk Wax. I LOVE this stuff. It gave just enough dimension to highlight her curvy legs and give her character.



That’s my sidekick photo bombing my work.



I got the grain sack fabric from Decor Steals. These ladies also have Antique Farmhouse. They are the most beautiful people to work with and if there is an issue they OWN IT!! I have bought so much stuff from them and every time I get a steal from them I have the urge to order NOW. If I did they would own me. I have to control myself. I buy this fabric every time I get a chance. It is so thick and nice to work with. I got the burlap reproduction grain sack from Online Fabric Store. They are also easy to work with and have the BEST prices on fabulous fabric.



Sooooo much better. I love her now. When I got her home I sent my mom a picture and she immediately said DON’T BUY THAT. I said too late its at my house now. So glad I’m a rebel and don’t listen to my mother.

If you love her as much as I do she is for sale at Consignment Showcase in Fountain Inn, SC.  I LOVE her!!!

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  1. February 17, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    This does look nice! Oh, I love that grain sack look. What a transformation. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Hope to see you there on Saturday!

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